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Fly Fishing Micronesia - A Fly Fishing Adventure
with Trapper Rudd

Trapper Rudd is always going to somewhere exotic in search of new places to fly fish. Putting together a trip to a place like Micronesia is no easy task and the results are always unknown. Join us to find out how a trip like this comes together from the initial concept to hooking up with new exotic species like Indo-Pacific tarpon, permit, bonefish and giant trevally.

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Great show .. keep up the good work !

  Jim Page
United States

Hi, Can you have more from Trapper Soon. Love the show, keep up the good work.

  Dave Hilton
United Kingdom

Roger - what an awesome show. I was mesmerized by Trapper, the time flew by!

  silas gray
United States

Awesome Thanks as always for the great show! Thanks for making my learning curve a little less steep for steelhead. Thanks Greg and Roger!

  Nick anderson
United States

Great show. Text book AAFF. Introduction to a new place. Clarification of techniques used. Irreverent. Nice work, well done.

  Nick Grenside
United Kingdom

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