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Atlantic Salmon Magic
with Topher Browne

Topher Browne worked as a professional guide and has fished for Atlantic salmon in Canada, Iceland, Scotland, Norway and Russia. Listen in to hear his secrets on hooking up with and landing these incredible fish.

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It was a fine program...very informative about the life and "times" of the Atlantic Salmon. Topher surely did exhibit his experience and expertise. He also clarified a lot about what we can expect in the future. Well done!

  Rod McGarry
United States

I really enjoyed the show and especially appreciated the comparison and contrasts between fishing for steelhead and Atlantic salmon and explaining the various techniques used.

  Rick Beggs
United States

Topher is a great angler among the atalnic salmon crews and has my respect. But maybe he should do some more reasearch on Maine angling before he steps in it again. Any biologist will tell you smolts imprint on the river during their earliest days. Where you get your eggs is of less concern than getting them to hatch and to have native fry to lead the stocked smolts to sea. Get one generation out of the river and back and all of their spawn will follow ever after. Thus we call it restoration...and not stocking.

  Brent Reece
United States

Only terrific. Impressed by the Show, Guest, and depth of knowledge. Bravo!

  Ed Filice
United States

This was my first live broadcast. I really enjoyed listening and found it interesting and informative. Your program brought back a lot of great memories of learning to fish largemouth bass with a friend who did a weekly broadcast on fishing in the Atchafalaya Swamp in south Louisiana. I look forward to listening in again.

  Warren Landry
United States

I thought it was excellent! I've fished some of the same rivers in Quebec that Topher has fished. I bought his new book. Very well done!

  Dave Fulthorpe
United States

Yes it was avery good program very interesting about salmon runs, and river clean ups.

  John Richmond
New Zealand

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