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Fly Fishing Small Streams
with Tom Rosenbauer

Tom Rosenbauer has mastered the strategies and techniques necessary to be productive on small streams. Listen in to learn his secrets.

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Since I spend a lot of my fly fishing time on the small streams of Pennsylvania if was very enjoyable.

  John Nicodemus
United States

Great show. I always enjoy Tim Rosenbauer and the format of your show. It is great to be able to ask questions.

  John Wenzlick
United States

This was a great show. I think I learned several things that will make me more successful the next time I have the opportunity to fish some of my favoirte small streams. I thought eh most helpful tip Tom gave was regarding the terrestrials being the most aboundant food sorce on these smaller streams. My fly box will be stocked accordingly on my next trip. I really enjoy the podcasts and often listen to the archieved programs while I am tying flies at the bench.

  David Souherland
United States

We love listening to Tom's broadcasts and really looked forward to this show. We weren't disappointed! Very informative and rewarding. Can't wait to read his new book on fishing small streams because that is our favorite venue. Thanks for having him on and kudos on his new book.Got any extra copies?

  Chris & Heather Trimble
United States

A very good show. I think there are probably more small stream fly fishermen/fisherwomen than all of those guys that go to Argentina, or Chile or wherever. I am sure Tom reached a lot of people and the show was very good. Nice that he answered the questions specifically such as line wt, leader length, tippet type etc. Also his listing of flies to use was very helpful. Also would like to state that this concept of Fly Fishing on Internet Radio is most enjoyable and helpful. I will continue to listen and download the Orvis podcasts, the MidCurennt podcasts, and the Ask About Fly Fishing podcasts. You both did a very nice job.

  james horning
South Dakota
United States

Great Show...great topic...I especially like the question and answer section.

  John Roeser
United States

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