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The Deschutes – Rainbows and Steelhead
with Tom Larimer

Tom Larimer is an experienced guide who's passion for steelhead is only equaled by his love for trout. Listen in to Tom share his secrets about fly fishing the Deschutes River.

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Great comments. I took over three pages of intense and very specific notes. THANK YOU

  John Brett
United States

Great show, first time listening. Really enjoyed having Tom Larimer on as guest, learned alot. Keep up the good work!

  Jake Kopec
United States

Really enjoyed listening to your broadcast. I have never fished the Deschutes. I am mainly a warm and saltwater fisherman. However, a lot of what was said is also applicable to the bayous and marshes of south Louisiana. I will listen to him again if the opportunity arises again. I would also appreciate any advice you may have on Browns. We fish for those in northern Arkansas.

  Warren Landry
United States

Thanks Roger, it was a great show. Snook is the fish I most want to catch but have not done so yet.

  Gary Powell
United States

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