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Fly Fishing the Frying Pan River
with Tim Heng

Tim Heng has fished just about every inch of the Frying Pan River in Colorado and has been doing it for almost 30 years. Learn all about the Frying Pan and the secrets of hooking up with its big trout.

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My hand still hurts from taking so many notes. I can't wait to get out to Colorado soon.

  Phil Pankow
United States

Great Show, I have not fished the Frying Pan River as of yet; but I will soon.I feel that I can fish this river with some success after listening to your program. Thank You!!

  Rod Brashears
United States

I really enjoyed the descriptions and a local's point of view about the area and other fishing locations in that area. Tim was a great guest speaker and really gave excellent fishing tips while making it a fun show to listen too. I only wish I wasn't 10 hrs away from the Frying Pan or I would be out there this morning. Thanks for a fun evening.

  Martin Kollman
United States

What I look for in your great interviews are tips that I can apply to other situations. I may never fish the Frying Pan but this interview, like many, was rich in wisdom. Thanks!

  Bernard Yin
United States

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