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Thomas Whiting

Poultry Rancher/Scientist

Thomas Whiting

Thomas Whiting

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Thomas Whiting is president and owner of Whiting Farms, Inc., which he founded in 1989. The mission of Whiting Farms, from its inception, was to become THE supplier of the finest fly tying feathers for the tyers of the world.

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Hackle - Facts About Feathers
Thomas Whiting, president and owner of Whiting Farms, Inc., producer of the finest fly tying feathers for the tyers of the world will share his knowlege about those wonderful feathers we use everyday. From raising chickens to the science behind genetic breeding to selecting the proper hackle to use on your flies - Tom will cover it all in great detail.

Thomas WhitingStarting with the famed "Hoffman Hackle", developed by Henry Hoffman of Oregon, Whiting Farms has grown to become the largest and most diverse source of quality tying feathers in the world. Currently Whiting Farms offers three distinct lines of dry fly hackle, the first "genetic" wet fly hackle known as "American Hackle", a unique "Spey" hackle, partridge substitute feathers, Coq de Leon feathers, and has a number of other fly tying feather lines in development.

Thomas Whiting has been involved with poultry and gamebirds since around the age of 10. He further pursued this interest by gaining three university degrees in poultry science; Colorado State University (B.S.), University of Georgia (M.S.) and University of Arkansas (Ph.D.). Whiting Farms is located in Tom's home state of Colorado.

For more information on Whiting Farms visit their web site at

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