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Crappie Fly Fishing
with Terry Wilson

Terry Wilson and his wife Roaxanne have explored the life of the crappie and found many good things about a fish that hasn't got much respect in the past. Crappie are voracious feeders and strong fighters and you can fish for them year round. Listen in to hear about crappie behavior, habits, how to catch them and what flies to use.

Show Reviews

Comment   Listener

This was a great show, very informative, very entertaining!

  Harold Sinclair
New York
United States

Enjoyed the show and appreciated the tips. thanks

  Jeff Holzem
United States

Due to health problems, I'm limited to warm water fishing near my home. I appreciate the podcast on crappie fly fishing. It was very informative.

  Randall Thorpe
United States

My son and I were sitting here on a rainy night listening to your show. I chase crappie in about 18 different private bodies of water and I am always wanting to learn more. You definitely delivered. I am also purchasing Terry's book. Thank you so much for the time you put into your show. I have often thought of doing an internet based fishing show for here in central Illinois, but don't know enough about the industry to get it going. Oh well, thank you again for all you do. Great show! A bunch of info.

  Tim Baer
United States

Good show. Guess I will have to try out some of these tactics next time I go over to Ft Peck to fish for walleye etc.

  Jerry Davis
United States

Very useful, Temp and clarity key elements, guess it sells books too, I just got my copy of Terry Wilson's book. I already have Terry's Bass and Bluegill books, Just trying to learn about warm water species

  Richard Hayashi
United States

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