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Tackling Tailwaters
with Terry Gunn

Terry Gunn lives and guides on one of the most beautiful tailwaters in the world at Lee's Ferry on the Colorado River. Tailwaters provide exceptional fishing and knowing how to fish them can make or break your day. Listen in and learn Terry's secrets to getting the most out of your day on a tailwater.

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Very thorough show on Lees Ferry fishing, would like to have Terry talk more about other tailwaters.

  Kemper Eagle
United States

Good questions answererpd by a very knowledgable guest

  Andy Burnett
United States

Although I was unable to listen to the last 10 min. of the broadcast, there was enough good info. packed into the 1st 72 min. to serve me well. Suffice it to say, it will behoove anyone fishing a tailwater to go online and find the streamflow chart for the river being fished, to see if a release pattern can be developed and applied for determining optimum conditions.

  Jim Johnson
United States

Terry is always interesting and very matter of fact, enjoyed every minute.

  Chuck Pigos
United States

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