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Instinctive Fly Fishing
with Taylor Streit

Taylor Streit has been guiding fly fishers for over 40 years. After watching thousands of clients catch trout over the years he knows what works and what doesn't work. Join us to learn Taylor's secrets to hooking up and landing more trout.

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I thought it was an excellent show with many hidden but also many practical clues.

  Philip Burden
British Columbia

Good show, a lot of practical information

  Jim Kilburn
United States

Your show on Instinctive Fly Fishing was very interesting. I enjoyed it. I also plan to buy Taylor's book as it seems that it would be very instructive to a relatively new fly fisher.

  Wayne Bernahl
United States

Us guys here in Grand Rapids Mi REALLY enjoy the podcasts that you guys put out..It keeps us thinking about fishing (even when we can't get away to do it..) one of the best produced shows Thanks for all you do....LONG LINES...

  Tony Cooke
United States

Just got the download through, the show was great as usual, and thank you for raising my question, and Taylor for answering it. Keep up the good quality broadcasts.

  Steve Goodchild
United Kingdom

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