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Tangling with Tarpon
with Tad Burke

Those that have fished for the Tarpon say it's addicting. So if you dare join Tad Burke a professional guide in the Florida Keys and learn his secrets about hooking up with a Tarpon and staying hooked.

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Good show, although Borger (last week) showed the ultimate skills in answering questions, relating to audience. Informative and fun -- especially a treat to listen to podcasts.

  Steve Born
United States

Tad had a lot of great stuff tonight. A lot of things I can use for fishing Pike or Carp in Minnesota. I really got a lot out of the advice on how to cast most affectively from a boat and rigging my equipment. Thanks again guys for a great show. As always your friend Fly Fisherman Phil

  Phil Pankow
United States

I was surprised at how specific the discussion was--much better than most magazine articles. That is a real plus. I think it would be interesting to have two or three guides in on the conversation. For example, there are quite a few guides who would recommend a 12-weight; a ten weight would be considered pretty light.

  Donald Larmouth
United States

That was a great show. One of your best. The broadcast was extremely informative, not only about tarpon, but also about saltwater fly fishing from a flats boat in general.

  bill riccardi
United States

Great show... your guest was very informative. I have always wanted to try tarpon fishing in Florida .. and now I know more than ever I want to! Keep up the good work.

  Thomas Marks
New York
United States

He started a little slow but it wasn't long before I was glued to the computer speaker. You can ask Mr. Burke back anytime.

  Silas Gray
United States

Sorry I missed the live broadcast on Wednesday night, but did listen tonight Thurdsay, it was great---and i did know the answer to the question, 9' 10 wt. hope to do tarpon or bones next year down in Florida. Alaska should be a interesting show also, this radio program is great.

  Andy Stillittano
United States

Great Show! Very imformative keep the shows coming, perhaps every week. Great job!

  Rod Brashears
United States

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