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The Bighorn River – World’s Best Tailwater
with Steve Galletta

Steve Galletta has a passion for dry fishing and matching the hatch, that's what attracted him to the Bighorn River 10 years ago. A professional guide, Steve will share his secrets about one of the world's best tailwater rivers.

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Good job lots of,information

  Phil Cox
United States

Very informative. He made a trip to the Big Horn very inticeing

  Larry Ydens
United States

Great Show and Info. The Bighorn River Best trout stream in the world.

  Dante Bonanini
United States

I loved the show. Keep up the great work. I learned a ton.

  Rob Konowitch
United States

First live show I've listened to and since we'll be in Flamingo in January, I picked up several tips from Chico. Definitely listen again.

  Jerry Bergeron
United States

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