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Fly Fishing the Driftless Area of the Midwest
with Steve Born

Steve Born has been fly fishing the pristine waters of the Driftless Area of the Midwest for years and it still lures him back again and again. Find out why this area is so special and learn Steve's secrets for being successful in these waters.

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Comment   Listener

Great show as always. I love the Driftless Area and I incourage all to give it a try. Also there is a great map book through the DNR that gives all the fishable streams in Southeast Minnesota.

  Phil Pankow
United States

Great and not just because I won the gift certificate! It's terrific to hear about local topics and areas. I'm a big fan of the show and have downloaded many podcasts over the past few months.

  Jim Rich
United States

Steve Born was a great guest on your show. He is definitely very knowledgeable about fishing the driftless area. I also appreciate his dedication to conservation. Thanks for the great show you put out every week.

  Rich Femling
United States

This was interesting and informative, especially since I sometimes fish Spring Branch Creek near Manchester, Iowa. Steve seemed friendly and personable.

  Gary Nelson
United States

Having just moved to the midwest last fall as well as discovering the driftless area a few months ago, I was very interested in the show. I enjoyed it and took some good notes. thanks.

  Tim mangrum
United States

Particularly enjoyed this show as it in my neck og the woods. I fish the White Water, the Root and The Vermillion.

  Neil Brown
United States

I really enjoyed listening to Steve describe his "home waters". This was a great show, which conveyed a nice mix of Steve's conservation work and his love and knowlege of the trout fishery in the Driftless Area of the Midwest.

  Frank Dalziel
British Columbia

Steve was very knowledgeable, extremely articulate and kept the show moving at a quick pace. I think this was the best show of the season, so far.

  Bob Woutila
United States

Great show! Good to hear a little science and conservation mixed in with "how to" information. More informative than in terms of what is really important about trout fishing. Steve Born seemed like a very bright and knowledgeable guy. Nice to know he gives back to the resource by participating in a leadership capacity in organizations like TU. He sounds like the type of guy I'd like to go fishing with!

  William Sonzogni
United States

I listened to the recorded show. That was a great show about an area I knew very little about. He was a terrific interview.

  Jon Wright
New Jersey
United States

This show was very educational, since I live only a state over. I learned alot about hatches in Wisconsin and compaired them to our very similar hatches here in Northern Michigan. Very good broadcast.

  Matthew Manchik
United States

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