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Fly Fishing The Hex Hatch on Midwestern Streams
with Steve Born

Steve Born never misses a hex hatch, that's when the big monster trout come out of their lairs and enjoy a feast like no other time of the year. Listen in to hear about this Midwestern treat and how you too can have a night of fly fishing you'll never forget.

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Being from Michigan, and all the literature I read about Hex fishing, everything seems to point to MI as being the hex fishing capital of the world. I was surprised to find that you picked a speaker from outside of MI. Despite that, I suppose the presentation DID expand my perspective to thinking about Hex in other states other than MI. Also, I guess I should have submitted a question asking that he contrast the pros/cons of wading hex versus a float trip for hex. He didn't talk at all about that. I appreciate your program. Keep up the good work. I'd still like to learn about the best way to catch (fly fish) snook during a winter trip to florida. How to work the backwaters etc. Thanks.

  Larry Hull
United States

Great show again, keep them coming. I like all the knowledge that is pass on...

  Phil Cox
United States

Interesting as always!

  Phil McCartney
United States

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