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52 Rivers
with Shelley Walchak

Shelley Walchak decided to challenge herself and set a goal to fish 52 rivers in one year. She quit her job and fished seven states in the Rocky Mountains, which turned into one of those journey's she'll never forget. Join us to hear how she conceived, planned and completed this epic fly fishing adventure.

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Great show!

  Stephen Wethington
United States

Enjoyed her story and plan on getting book from Shelley's website.

  Greg Weir
United States

The are the first of my notes from her presentation: She knew what she wanted; She researched; She planned; She went!!!! I never get beyond the planning stages, so I'm going to try to use her as an example. I will buy her book. I found her extremely down to earth and even more so inspiring and I'm jealous.

  Mark Murray
United States

How lucky she was to do this trip. Awesome and thank you

  Bill Thomas
North Carolina
United States

Loved listening to your interview with Shelley Walchak.. Fascinating story of a Year spent fishing , I love the fact that she didn't start fly fishing till later in life - and of how she loves it !

  Peter Donoghue

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