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Fly Fishing the Deschutes River
with Scott Richmond

Scott Richmond is an award-winning author of nine books on Oregon fly fishing. He’ll give us the guide’s tour of the Deschutes River and prepare you for an outstanding fly fishing adventure.

Show Reviews

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Very informative !!! Scott did a good job ....

  Joepaul Meyers
United States

I liked the show. I ordered Scott's book. Thanks

United States

Great show. Makes me want to go to Oregon and fish the Deschutes. Scott was very knowledgeable. A float/wade trip sounds fun.

  Tim D'Avis
United States

Very informative speaker, definitely made me want to go to Oregon

  Joe Herndon
United States

It was an excellent broadcast. Scott gave very good details about all aspects of fishing this river. He sure got me interested in putting the Deschutes on my list of places to fish. Thanks for a very informative and lively show.

  Mary Lilly
United States

Thought the show could have used less time discussing the where the Deschutes is located. Most listeners If they tune into this show would know the location.

  Tom Collison
United States

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