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Kamloops Rainbows - A Fly Fishing Dream
with Ron Newman

Ron Newman has spent 30 years researching virtually anything that could affect the Kamloops rainbow trout and how they act in stillwater. Learn his inside information that will help you to catch more trout in stillwaters.

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The show was great, I like learning about the long leaders and the method of fishing, alot different than here in Utah. Keep up the shows I find them a great form of learning more about fishing. Thanks

  p Cox
United States

Enjoyed the show. Wish Ron would have concentrated on average fishing sucess for the traveling angler.

  Kemper Eagle
United States

I want Ron Newman as my uncle! Great show - I'll be tying some boatman flies for use with heavy sinking line.

  Silas Gray
United States

Excellent show. Nice to here about stillwater here in Canada that are close to me where i might acually get to fish. Thank you

  Richard Colley

Hi, I think the show is great, I just did not care for show with Ron Newman. Brian Chan and Phil Rowley were much better shows, they know what they are talking about. I was planning on purchasing Ron's book, but not now.

  john knol
British Columbia

Wonderful show. Actually my first time to listen in and I even asked a novice question and got a great education on my errors. Thanks so much for a great show and I'll be tuning in again.

  Mark Wright
United States

G reat show , Liked the tips.

  Chris Crenshaw
United States

Fun. I like that I can ask questions and there is real time communication. This was my first live show and i have several archived shows down loaded.

  les harrah
United States

Great Show , although I missed the first 20 minutes due to a connection problem . I thought Kirk was clear on his answers and very informative with a great attitude.I would love to hear more from him. Thanks for your program. It's a great way to spend the evening. Look forward to catching future shows.

  Fred Roorback
United States

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