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Muskie on the Fly
with Robert Tomes

Muskie on the fly? You've got to be kidding! Robert Tomes isn't kidding at all in fact you'll learn exactly how to hook up with one of these aggressive predators on the show. Robert demystifies the Muskie and will tell you why fly fishing for Muskie might be an even better option than throwing big plugs at them.

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Roger, I thought your show with Robert Tomes was very informative to me as a new fly fisherman. Thanks.

  Gary Carter
United States

Great show! I have always wanted give this a shot on my yearly trip to Canada but had many questions about the mechanics of "Muskies on the Fly". It was so good I intend to purchase Robert Tomes book and give it a go. Thanks again for a very informative show!

  Jim Pulliam
United States

I enjoyed the Muskie on the Fly show, made me want to do a road trip to Wisconsin to give it a whirl.

  Rick Schroeder
United States

Great show. I am going to try this sometime when I go to Clear Fork and Muskie Lake. Thanks for having folks like Robert Tomes on you show.

  Frank Compton
United States

This was a very informative program. I like to listen to your broadcasts while I am tying flies. After listening to the program, my thoughts are of buying the book and spending time chasing these fish of 10,000 casts.

  John Gremmer
United States

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