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Chasing Records
with Robert Cunningham

Robert Cunningham has been chasing world records for two decades and has many stories to tell. Listen in to find out about the rare successful record catches, but also on the far more frequent failed attempts and the angling lessons learned from each of them. Anyone who has ever dreamed of a world record catch as well as any angler seeking to improve his fish fighting skill and techniques will learn from these experiences and enjoy a good fish story or two in the process.

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Your shows are always great. Recommend you interview Tucker and Jacquie Nelson at Nelson Spring Creek Ranch in Livingston, Mt. Been going there for years - their lodge and regional fishing experience is fantastic - spring creeks, Yellowstone river and of course the great park with Soda Butte and Slough Creek. Young Tucker and his wife Jacquie are growing a fantastic fly fishing experience with lodge, guiding and teaching - truly representing the future of fly fishing as a business opportunity. Would be glad to intro you to them if interested.

  Richard Barnett
United States

I enjoyed the show very much and cant wait to read the book. One thing that I found very interesting is that you can legally catch a record fishing solo and I hope that he catches that record Tarpon for Louisiana.

  Joe Herndon
United States

Always wondered what drove folks to get records. My friend, Marty Arostequi, who holds the most IGFA records confounds me with his answers - just as Mr. Cunningham did.

  Skip Clement
United States

Great show I can't wait to get a record fish one day.Thanks for the great show.

  Andrew Surtees
United States

Fantastic show. Bring him back anytime.

  Silas Gray
United States

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