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with Rick Takahashi

Rick Takahashi considers terrestrials one of the world's most effective patterns. It's a broad category of food from land-dwelling insects to mice and they are in almost every stream and lake around the world. Listen in to learn about tying and fishing terrestrials that will work no matter where you fish.

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Excellent interview Roger, Thanks Roger

  Walt Cole
United States

Great show and Rick is always an interesting interview.

  Terry Little
United States

Rick is excellent--we are fortunate to have him real close. I would like him to speak on still water fishing with chironamids!

  Philip Sock
United States

Rick is always great !

  Larry Ydens
United States

Great show. Very good discussion and the questions were very informative.

  Gene Cyprych
United States

Really liked the humble beginning stories, as I think many of us can really connect with those. Rick's passion/fanaticism about materials and presentation was great!

  Wayne Deptuck
British Columbia

I could not listen live so I went back and listened a couple of days ago. I really enjoyed this one and learned a ton from Rick. I've only heard of him but didn't know a lot about him. His knowledge is incredible and he seems like a very genuine person. The show made me look up his patterns and I'm now going to get his terrestrial book. That's a true sign of a good guest to me. Thanks Roger and Rick.

  Craig Myers
United States

This was a great show. Gary is a great teacher with a wealth of knowledge. I always enjoy listening to him

  bill heffner
United States

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