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Great Lakes Steelhead on the Fly
with Rick Kustich

Rick Kustich has fly fished for Great Lakes steelhead for over 30 years. Listen in and take advantage of his in depth knowledge on advanced strategies and techniques, two-handed rods, swinging flies and new fly patterns that are sure to get you hooked up on some trophy steelhead.

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WOW , I have never listen to your show before and I want to learn as much as I can about fly fishing as I can . Because of my work schedule and other commitments , it is very difficult to make the time to fish,but I made it a point to listen to your show . I live on Lake Michigan and want to fly fish off the beach in the town I live when I do find the time to do so . It was a informative show to listen to but thank you for awarding me the first prize at the end of the show . I will never forget it and look forward to receiving the magazine subscription I think I won,

  Timothy Knight
United States

I found it very informative

  Randy Pitt
United States

Interesting show , fun to learn about my surrounding area and confirming what a fantastic place the Great Lakes is to fish. Along with it being the first time I ever listen to your show after learning about it , I was a winner of a years subscription to your magazine !!.

  Tim Knight
United States

Best recording quality you have achieved. Often you are loud and you can barely hear the guest. For this show the balance was great and the quality of the guest's recording was outstanding. Find out whatever he did and do it again! Enjoyed the show and discussion, always do, thank you for your effort.

  Michael Layman
United States

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