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Lake Fishing with Damsels and Dragons
with Richard Pilatzke

Richard Pilatzke an expert on rocky mountain lake fishing loves fishing with damsel and dragonflies. Learn Rich's techniques for tying and fishing these favorite morsels that fish devour.

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Great show w/ Rich Pilatzke...laid back and very informative!! Can't wait to listen to Marty B. on the 16th ... Thank you!!

  Joepaul Meyers
United States

Great show.....Fishing damsels and dragons has always been a bit of a mystery to me.

  Ed Hudon
United States

This was my first show and I loved it! I'll be back.

  Jim Batsel
United States

Excellent. I especially enjoy learning about the various insect stages, how they act in the water and selecting color patterns for the waters I am on. The pictures are a "bonus". Keep up the good work !

  Clyde Wilbur
United States

Tonights show was great as always. I've been settings my sights on comming to Colorado to fish some of the big names in streams and river like the Frying Pan and The Gunnison. I can't wait. Thanks again for a great show.

  Phil Pankow
United States

Really enjoyed Rich Pilatzke's show ! It was very helpful and informative as far as favorite flies and materials.Lots of information on books pertaining to fly fishing.Just having someone that loves fly fishing share that knowledge is really great. Thanks for the show.

  Joe Grecu
United States

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