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Catching Shadows
with Rich Strolis

Rich Strolis, a signature fly tyer for Montana Fly Company, designs and ties flies with a purpose. The toughest fish require a different approach and different flies. Listen in and learn about Rich's unique designs and how to fish them.

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Good insights on how to pick material and to fish some of his flys. But I had a hard time visualizing the flys discussed because I did not have the book. It would be nice the next time if we could use a web site to view flys to be discussed.

  Terry Martin
United States

I was a little disappointed that Rich did not delve more into describing specific situations on how his flies and tactics are combined to take difficult trout.

  James Dubisz
United States

Great guest and show.

  edward Hovsepian
United States

Love your show. I will participate once I figure out how to send a question during future shows, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying other people's questions and the answers given. Thanks, Bev P.S. My Dad's the one that got me hooked (pardon the punn) on fly fishing when I was just a young girl about 9-10 years old. He also had taught me to tie flies about that same time and when he became ill before he passed away we couldn't fish together anymore - but we still could tie flies together and had lots of fun ordering materials off the net.

  Beverly Sullivan
United States

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