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Streamer Strategies
with Rich Strolis

Rich Strolis a professional guide who's spent many years on the Farmington and Housatonic rivers shares his secrets about fly fishing with streamers. Rich had developed streamer tactics that many consider unconventional but they work! Listen in to hear him talk about what he's learned.

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Awesome show. Very knowledgeable guest. Bring Rich back soon.

  Bill Plamondon
United States

Roger you do a fantastic show especially asking our questions, this show is a great and I have learned a lot and hooked on fly fishing even more. Great job everyone

  Anthony Scotto
United States

I thought the show was very interesting.I am not one to put on a streamer very often, so it may have changed my way of thinking. Thanks.

  Colin Walklet
United States

The show was very informative about strategies and various patterns related to using streamers.

  Joe Herndon
United States

The discussion seemed pretty basic for experienced fly fishers. Still useful,and I am really impressed with Rich's fly patterns and videos to tie them ! That was a big Plus!

  Richard Roessler
United States

The interview was very informative. I later went to Rich's website and will be purchasing some of his flies. I look forward to using his articulated flies this spring. Thanks for the great show.

  Femling Rich
United States

It was the second show I've listened to and am enjoying them. Streamer strategies was interesting. Many of the streamers Rich referenced, I was not familiar with. A follow up session describing the streamers in greater detail and perhaps how to tie them (especially the jointed ones) would be a good topic. Thanks for the efforts to make these broadcasts possible.

  Mark Bailey
United States

Great show...listened intently....just wish the questions I submitted where asked and answered. Thanks

  Brian D
United States

Good communicator. Interesting and informative. I enjoyed it. Thanks

  Al Ross
United States

Great show Roger, I also listened to Kelly's show when you interviewed him.

  walt cole
United States

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