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Kamchatka - Trout Fishing's Next Frontier
with Rene Limeres

Rene Limeres a professional guide takes you to Kamchatka where there are still more fish than people. It may be the next and last frontier for fly fishers seeking huge trout and salmon. Join Rene and discover what it takes to land the big ones in Russia.

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Very Interesting. Great Show.

  james mossor
West Virginia
United States


  Richard Szlachta
United States

Everyone can fish bass and I think that shows by the number of question you received. I fish bass all summer in Minnesota and ND, and trout once or twice a year so I love this type of show on bass. Besides, trout are great fun but catching a 3+ pound bass on a fly rod is like having Moby Dick on the line. But keep it coming whatever the fish. I love your shows and love the internet format. Thanks also for the iTunes outlet--my MP3 is full of your shows and I listen to them driving, exercising and even during some farming I do.

  Dan Crothers
North Dakota
United States

Loved the show added plus winning 3 year subscription to magazine. Thanks

  Jim Thompson
United States

I was able to download the show last week and listen to it, completely, today. Rene is one of the best guests you have ever had on, partly because he has such interest and respect for the "remote" places he goes, the special fish, wildlife and people. To listen to him talk about the Russian people in Kamchatka was awesome. Some Physical Geography, some fishing, some Human Geography. Great stuff, once again. I would really love to get to Alaska and Russia someday before my "fishing" adventures are over. Too bad it's so far away $$$$ Excellent show. I was there, in my mind.

  Mark Mathews
United States

I enjoyed the show very much. I will never be able to make a trip to such a place, because of the expense. It is great to have a source such as yours to allow other the opertunity to enjoy such places thru the adventures of others. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  Terry Young
United States

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