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Siberian Taimen the Legend of Russia's Rivers
with Rene Limeres

Rene Limeres has spent a lot of time guiding and fishing for the legendary taimen in Russia. Learn from Rene about this unusual fish and what it takes to hook and land fish that can get up to 200 pounds.

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Great show as usual. As a former and soon returning resident of Alaska coupled with my Russian background, I found this particular broadcast very interesting. Winning the magazine subscription was icing on the cake. Thank you all and I look forward to the next broadcast.

  Mark Kulikov
United States

It's hard to stay up untill 4.30 in the morning to listen to the show live, but I did and I liked it very much. I will certainly listen to it again. All the best!

  Ewald Grabher

Excellent progam. Very descriptive. I think I'll go home and try to cast a lemming pattern!!

  David Hiner
United States

I though it was great. I have known about Taimen for a long time and was always curious about them. I have wanted to go to Siberia for a number of years to see the forests, now I will be adding Taimen to the list. For the last 10 years I have been trying to land a Tyee (Chinook Salmon over 35lb) in one of my local rivers, on a single hander with one of my own flies. Now that i have accomplished this feat, I am having the fly, weight, and date tatooed on my right arm. I intend to do the same with a Taimen over 150.

  Jeff Weltz
British Columbia

Great Show! Rene Limeres did a great job explaining Russia and the environmental issues involved with Taimen protection.

  Matthew Arellano
United States

I thought Rene Limeres' talk was very good and full of information that only personal experience could provide. The Siberian Taimen found in the Russian far-east is different than the land locked taimen found in Mongolia, and Huchen found in Europe, due mainly from its diet of salmon. few people have had the chance to fish for and learn from the locals about this magical fish.

  Goo Vogt
United States

Wonderful work. The Taimen special was rife with interesting insights. Thanks!

  Bernard Yin
United States

What a fantastic account of discovery of a new game fish, cultural items of interest, and such a thorough job of interviewing this interesting gentlelman. It almost felt as if we had made the trip already. Pricey for most of us, but maybe the fishing trip of a lifetime. Thanks so much

  Gordon Larson
United States

Excellent Guest! It's always great to hear about beautiful species that we don't know about in the US, especially from a fisherman as environmentally concerned as Rene is.

  Mark Mathews
United States

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