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Golden Trout of the High Sierra
with Ralph Cutter

Ralph Cutter spent his nine month honeymoon hiking through the Sierra with his new wife Lisa going through nearly every pass and fishing many of the waters. The Sierra range is the home of the golden trout, California's state fish, but it's not easy to fish for them. Listen in to hear Ralph tell his secrets about fly fishing the Sierra for the golden trout.

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Great show keep Ralph Cutter a regular

  Jeff Stephens
United States

Always a pleasure to listen to a man who knows fish, habitat, fisherman, and all the good spots. Mr. Cutter gives away just enough to get everyone excited about goldens and the Sierras. Like cutthroats in the Rockies goldens may thrive only where humans allow. Also, love his underwater videos and the book, Fishfood. Thanks for a good show!

  Jeff DiGiacomo
United States

Ralph is such a knowledgeable guy on all topics that he is a pleasure to listen to, even on subjects that are not of prime interest to a fly fisher. I am past the days of hiking into the wilderness a long ways to find some elusive rare breed of trout, but Ralph always shares important tips to all listening.

  Richard Roessler
United States

Ralph has a great way of taking the BS out of fly fishing, Ralph book fish food needs to be in ever persons library

  Paul de Ruiter

Great show. It's always a treat to hear Ralph. He is smart, thoughtful, and funny. Wish you had asked him about the horse's head. Very funny story he told me on a high Sierra backpacking trip. Keep up the good work!

  Barney Scollan
United States

The info on what goldens eat, everything, and you picked me as a winner. I didnt get to listen until today. thanks for another bunch of nuggets.

  George Hall
United States

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