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Women in Fly Fishing
with Pudge Kleinkauff, Lori-Ann Murphy and Diana Rudolph

This show features a panel of three top women fly fishers from Alaska, Idaho and as far down as the Florida Keys. Cecilia 'Pudge' Kleinkauf, Lori-Ann Murphy and Diana Rudolph will be our guests. All three know their fly fishing and know the business of fly fishing—they are all working professionals in the industry. Join us to learn more about fly fishing and how women are raising the bar—Diana won the Hawley Invitational Tarpon Tournament, a male dominated event and she holds two I.G.F.A. fly division records.

Show Reviews

Comment   Listener

Great show! Thanks to the IWFF for the heads up on when this would be on.

  Mary Anthony
United States

Although I enjoyed the show. I would have prefered an entire show dedicated to an interview with each woman. I would especially like to see a future an interview with Pudge Klienkoff covering all aspects of teaching, mentoring and marketing to women and entire families. Pudge is an exceptional women and dedicated conservationist who has had a huge impact on the sport of fly fishing both in Alaska and nationally. So please bring her back for a show of her own!

  Viki Wells
United States

I listened to the Women in Flyfishing segment. It was a great perspective for me as a woman flyfisher. The comments on guiding were particularly helpful. Great show and great idea to broadcast flyfishing on the Internet.

  Regina Leitle
United States

Well put together!

  Harold Brockopp
United States

Great show, enjoyed it very much. Very interesting and informative. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Tony

  Tony Luppino
New York
United States

I was able to listen live to the first part of the program and today listened to the entire program. It was great. I love panels because you can get so much information and little twists or slants on the same subject matter. These ladies are awesome. Would love to hear them speak again.

  Teresa Adams
United States

I missed the first half hour but thought the broadcast was great! I am new to fly fishing and found it very informative. I'm glad to know I can still listen to it on your website to catch the part I missed.

  Diane Little
United States

Wow guys what a great show! The broadcast was very informative and encouraged me to go ahead and persue my passion to not only become a better angler, but also motivated me to invite and introduce more women to fly fishing. Look forward to hearing your future broadcast with enthusiasm. Sincerely, Andrea Scott Garrettsville, OH

  Andrea Scott
United States

I liked the open, conversive flow of topics between these participants. This symposium was well done. But the part that kept me interested was their willingness to openly answer, converse and share. Thanks for providing this informative and entertaining show. (I listen to the podcasts because I am unable to listen to the live broadcast.) Thanks again to your participants.

  Rick Fahrenkrug
United States

I LOVED the women's show. Lori Ann and Pudge are personal friends and it was very cool to hear them live. I will be fishing with Lori Ann in just three short weeks. Can't Wait!

  Patricia Dee-Kelly
New Jersey
United States

Pudge, my good friend Sharon Macklin put me on to your website and fly fishing biz. This is great! I fish and am getting involved with Casting for Recovery...helping women recover from breast cancer surgery through the zen of fly fishing. Maybe you know about it. Would love to put something together. Your trips sound wonderful!

  Laurie Puzo
United States

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