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Alaska's Other Fish
with Pudge Kleinkauf

There's more to Alaskan fly fishing than just salmon - Pudge shares her professional experience as a guide with other exciting species including trout, grayling, char and sheefish.

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Outstanding Show! Very informative! Keep up the great job!

  Timothy B. Findley Sr.
United States

I really enjoyed hearing from Pudge. I fly fished on the Susitna River out of Talkeetna over five years ago and I can't wait to go back.

  Phil Pankow
United States

I started fly fishing this past fall. It is my new found love (Don't tell my wife) Not long after my first trip I ran across Ask About Fly Fishing - Internet Radio on the Internet. I've downloaded all the archives to my ipod and listen to the shows over and over. The show has accelerated my learning curve in so many areas. I would like to thank you and the sponsors of the show for having such a captivating and entertaining show for new enthusiast like myself.

  Jeremy McCall
South Carolina
United States

Great show, Pudge is an old friend who shares our passion for this sport. I think she will be in Bakersfield in Feb. for our sportsmens show. My wife and I always look foward to spending time with her.

  Adams Brian
United States

I learned how to fly fish with Pudge in 2004. I am going on her trip to Nome, AK in 2008 to fish for grayling. I fell in love with grayling while fishing with Pudge at Tangle Lakes. It definitely was love at first site. I really enjoyed the show...and look forward to listening to more shows in the future.

  Carolyn Emery
United States

l like the way you doing the show.

  Samuel Okoko

I just was able to listen to Pudge's show and it was great. As I expect to be fishing in Alaska with the next two years I see I need to consider other fish not just salmon. You should consider Diana Rudolph and Lori-Ann Murphy for one-one shows too.

  Frank Compton
United States

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