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Fly Fishing for Alaska's Arctic Grayling
with Pudge Kleinkauff

Pudge Kleinkauf has been fly fishing for arctic grayling for thirty years. As a professional guide she understands these fish and knows what it takes to find and hook up with the trophies. Listen in to hear her secrets to catching these beautiful fish.

Show Reviews

Comment   Listener

I enjoyed the show. Grayling fishing in Sweden is now on my bucket list. Need to retire. Thanks again. Again Thanks, enjoy the show when I have time to listen. Always pickup something.

  Jerry Davis
United States

Brilliant! Pudge is wonderful. I wish she had longer on air. Clear, encyclopedic and passionate.

  Nick Grenside
United Kingdom

Great show. Lots of useful info that'll be helpful for my next Bristol Bay trip. I was planning to skip the fly-out for grayling, but Pudge changed my mind for me. Very enthusiastic presenter. Brava!

  Clifford Chu
New York
United States

I found it very informative, enjoyed it very much and Pudge is very funny and I can tell she really enjoys what she doing. She makes me want to go to alaska more than I did before.

  mary smith
United States

Very good, I would very much like to go. I would be more confident now then before.

  david wrona
United States

I loved the show. I've fished for grayling in Bristol Bay and it is the best. The one issue I don't think she mentioned is bears. In August and Sept the salmon are spawning in the same small creeks where grayling live. I like seeing bears on a big wide rivers that give us both lots of room. Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to your next show.

  George Fant
United States

I am always interested to hear discussions on different locations and species of fish. Pudge is a very interesting guest and she has a long list of acomplishments. She also must be one of your easy interviews, she offers info and tips freely ,and is extermly well educated on the topisc she speaks about. Awsome interview.

  Dave Sabo
United States

Pudge was articulate and passionate about her favorite fish. She described them beautifully and made them come to life for the listener. Definitely a great program, Pudge at her best. Thank you.

  Julie Tallman
United States

Roger, you and Pudge made for another awesome show. Obviously, she knows the show and shares the best of her world with you. That, in turn, produced the excellent content. As always, your best shows contain those people that want to share their unique passions for fly fishing and where they practice their passions. I want to get Pudge's books now, so I can understand, even more, why Pudge loves grayling so much. She's really a special voice for a special place, and a special sport. Thank you once again.

  Mark Mathews
United States

Great show. I sure have an interest now in wanting to catch a grayling sometime in my life. They seem like a fascinating species of fish.

  Randy Kratochvil
United States

I have a freind who just moved to Yellowknife and now when i go up there for a fishing trip I'll have a little more knowledge about the Arctic Grayling and how to fish for them. Thanks Roger and thank you Pudge

  Tom Knock

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