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Fly Fishing Stillwaters with Chironomids
with Phil Rowley

Phil Rowley is well known for his mastery of lake fishng. In this show you'll learn Phil's secrets and techniques to fly fishing for trout with Chironomids and other hot flies.

Show Reviews

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Phil was very good! Explained things well and told of his "style" of doing things. Roger always does a thorough job of asking questions and getting alot out of the speaker !

  Joepaul Meyers
United States

I'm a great fan of chironomid fishing and learned a lot of new tips from Phil Rowley's presentation. Great show, thanks for making it available.

  Dennis Jones
United States

Great show. As an avid flyfisherman, I thought I had reasonable knowledge about stillwater fishing. Phil gave me no less than 5 specific items for which I have to honestly claim ignorance. As the program unfolded I went to Phil's website and started tying Chromies to use at Spinney Reservoir in a few days. Thank you for having Phil on the show. I appreciate the great info.

  James Crosbie
United States

As usual, the show could be longer. So much information to cover in an hour and a half. The time listening to this one went so fast, but it was great. Really got some good insight into stripping techniques for varying water types and different stages of the bugs. Great show and thanks for sharing.

  Martin Kollman
United States

WOW!!!! Fishing Chironomids way to fast & not deep enough. Tried my favorite lake not for trout but big bluegill after listen to show fishing chironomids & tore them up. Never had much luck in 90 degree weather until I used Phil Rowley advice on fishing Chironomids. Great show AAAAAA+++++.

  Jim Mossor
West Virginia
United States

I have never met Phil but after listening for an hour and a half I like him. You two work well together.

  Silas Gray
United States

I found the broadcast interesting and informative even though I don't do much lake fishing. In particular: - The information on sequence of colors or flies that Phil would use when fishing a lake was interesting and made me think about what I would do in many situations. - There was some information about what the fish are doing; how smaller fish behave, how larger fish behave, where the fish hang out in different situations, what puts them on or off a feed. That was good. Its a subject that each of your guests could cover more. - You kind of fly through the web sites - I did get the one for Phil's page off AAFF but maybe you could post any web sites the guest mentions. It would be nice to have links to your sponsors for a particular show listed in the descrioption of that particular show also. - You mention all the time to register for the show but you do not say if we have to register for each show. You could mention that once or twice during the broadcast.

  Tim Danhieux
United States

I have been a fan of Phil's work and his flies for a long time. The interview was great; I really enjoyed the show.

  Frank Dalziel
British Columbia

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