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Advanced Chironomid Techniques
with Phil Rowley

Phil Rowley goes beyond basic strike indicator chironomid techniques and explores techniques and setups for deep water indicator fishing, the dry line long leader technique better known as the naked technique, and sinking lines including 'dangling' where we fish straight up below the boat - the takes with dangling are heart stopping!

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I'm an avid Stillwater fisherman. With that said I appreciate Phil's interview. I have a page of new notes. I have all of Phil's CD's. They are excellent.

  Scott Connor
United States

The talk with Phil Rowley was very informative and helpful. I would suspect that a topic such as Phil's would be better understood if there were pictures for them to look at. This was an advanced topic, so perhaps a blog with pictures that speakers can refer to would help the listener. Thanks for choosing my questions.

  Erik Moncada
United States

Thanks for interviewing Phil, he is one of the best stillwater fishermen that I know of.

  Walt Cole
United States

Wonderful!!! Can't lean too much about this "most important" food source of trout shrouded in mystery.

  Tim Schoenfelder
United States

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