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Giant Trevally on the Fly
with Peter McLeod

Peter McLeod is the first person to write a comprehensive guide on fly fishing for giant trevally or “GT”. Catching one of these fish is the pinnacle of flats fishing. Join us as Peter leads us on a quest for this brutal apex predator.

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I've fished for GT's before they are an amazing fish. One of the best Saltwater Flats species you can catch on a fly rod.

  David Fulthorpe
United States

Well done and informative!

  Richard Roessler
United States

An excellent podcast, great information. Delighted to win a copy of Peter's book. I heard from the publisher yesterday that the book was on the way.

  Douglas McLean

McLeod's explanations and advice were superb: just what an aspiring trevally angler would need. His descriptions of Christmas Island and the Seychelles fostered a desire not only to see these places but to try the fly fishing experiences as well. Just enough info.

  geraldo vidergar
United States

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