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Cruising for Carp
with Paul Rose

Paul Rose was sight fishing for tailing carp before it was “hip”. He's tackled all the challenges associated with these freshwater bonefish and considers these explorations with his clients the basis for their saltwater training school. Listen in to learn about fly fishing for carp - something you can do almost anywhere in the world.

Show Reviews

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Lots of information on carp fishing, flies and reading water thank you for such an outstanding program keep up the great work that you do.

  Danny R. Ward Jr.
United States

Great show lots of info about carp & how they behave.

  Bill Henry
New York
United States

Good informative show

  Randall Thorpe
United States

Loved it! I've been looking at starting fly fishing for Carp and have areas in my area I can catch them. Can't wait My favorite show of anything on TV, Radio or the Internet. As always, your friend, Fly Fisherman Phil

  Phil Pankow
United States

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