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Fly Fishing for Atlantic Salmon
with Paul Marriner

Paul Marriner shares his 25+ years of experience fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon. Learn his secrets about tactics, flies, casting and playing this classic trophy fish.

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Great show. Very informative.

  Tory Haerbig
United States

Nice show and fun to listen to, will put the info to good use. Well done Paul.

  Jeff Phelan
New York
United States

Paul did an interesting chronology of the life of the Atlantic salmon and its effect on the fishing opportunities. Lacking was info on specific waters and the best time to fish them, perhaps the topic of a future show.

  Kemper Eagle
United States

Great show, I've been listing to various fishing podcast and was very pleased to finally hear one on Atlantic Salmon Fishing. I'm from the Miramichi and have been fishing for salmon all my life. If your considering another show on Atlantic salmon contact Jerry Doak at WW Doaks fly shop in Doaktown. The have web page just google WW Doaks and you will find them. There family has been in the salmon tackle business for years and a conversation with him would be very informative.

  Chris Gaston
New Brunswick

I certainly enjoyed this program. Very informative and entertaining. Definately made the idea of travling to and fishing for these mythological fish more appealing. Thanks and I will be tuning in. John <')))<

  John Robertson

Great show! Again. It amazes me that you keep having such knowledgeable speakers. This was very informative and I am adding Atlantic Salmon to my wish list of adventures. My complements to Paul Mariner, that was a great talk, very informative and motavational.

  Drew Friedrichs
United States

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