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Fly Fishing Colorado's South Platte River
with Pat Dorsey

Pat Dorsey has guided on the South Platte for more than eleven years. He spends at least 200 days per year on the stream so he knows the water intimately. Join us to learn everything you need to know about fly fishing one of the most challenging trout streams in the United States.

Show Reviews

Comment   Listener

As a beginner I consider this show very helpful. Thanks.

  Wayne Rees
United States

Enjoyed the show , very informative although I have yet to fish in Colorado.

  Jerry Keeton
United States

I thoroughly enjoyed the South Platte show and Pat Dorsey gave very specific info. For this kind of topic, a detailed map showing the areas talked about would have been helpful.

  Kemper Eagle
United States

Great show excellent talk by Pat Dorsey and very good and pertinent questions by the hosts, way to go! First time listener, will listen next for another great show.

  brian wagner
New Mexico
United States

Pat brought some more excitement about the South Platte river which offers so much. Having lived above the South Platte for 20 years in Conifer, it was good to hear about the effects of fires, erosion and what mother nature does to our rivers. God truly is in control of our fishing environments. Informative speaker. Thanks.

  Craig Mernitz
United States

The substance of the show was quite good--Dorsey is a master of the S. Platte. However, comments about competitive fly fishing are ridiculous in this context. It is troubling that your organization has not taken a firm stance against this travesty, especially given the comments last night that this contest was held in hot weather and warm water. The anglers of the S. Platte do not need this ridiculous intrusion into the fishery.

  David Wilson
United States

The show was very informative and interesting. This is the first show that I have been able to listen to and I'm going to make a good effort to listen to as many as possible. Keep up the great work and I'll be listening. Thanks!

  Steven Kutz
United States

Your show is excellent and very professionally done. I have recently listened to other Fly Fishing PodCasts and your show is the best, by far. The format allows you to cover material in much more depth than the other podcasts, and that is alot more informative to the listener. I will usually download the PodCast after the show and listen to it again, and again. You should get Ed Engle, AK Best or John Gierach on sometime. Maybe they would do a show together. Keep up the awesome work!

  Mark Mathews
United States

It was great. I don't know if I will ever make it there, but I'll down load it and review at a later date. Pat sure covered the South Platte River very well, not much more you need to know to fish there.

  Frank Compton
United States

The show was informative and too the point. I will have this downloaded for future reference.

  Mike Muse
United States

This speaker knew his subject intimately & gave great practical insight that would help anyone meet success on this important river.

  Gary Eaton
United States

Thanks for the great information that Pat Dorsey gave us on the Platte River. After listening I realize how challenging this area could be. Pat answered questios and gave a very honest overview of the South Platte. It's wonderful to see a program that gives comprehensive information of what to expect on any stream or river. After listening I would know where to start preparing for what could be a great walk & a fishery that is very challenging. Don you and Roger are very prepared and ask questions that help the listener paint a perfect picture of the location.

  Dave Long
United States

Just a SUPER discussion that I really enjoyed. Lots of info on my favorite river. Keep it going guys always enjoy your programs!!!

  Rich George
United States

It was a very good show. It was informative as well as educational. We do not have much in fly fishing in Kansas and have discussed going to Colorado. Very good. Thank you.

  Bob Fink
United States

I finally got to listen to one live for a change and then about halfway through I lost my internet connection and must go back and listen to the recording. The half that I heard was well done and very interesting.

  Richard DeMott
United States

I enjoyed the show very much. I played it a day later and followed the dialog using my DeLorme Topo USA PC generated real time 3-D topography maps. It was like I was on the South Platte with you and Pat Dorsey. I am a guide in N/E CA, and I appreciate Pat willingness to share his knowledge and techniques. Since my daughter recently moved to Denver I plan to put this information to use real soon.

  Bill Forward
United States

Great Podcasts!

  Grant Carter
United States

Too many assumptions regarding the river and its various locations. Obviously, you had to be from the area to truly understand the detail of the interview. We can only dream! The show is fantastic, keep up the great work, KN

  Kent Nasser
United States

I only got to listen to about 3/4 of the show before I had to go to church but I really liked this program so far. I am looking forward to downloading the program so I can listen to the whole thing again soon!

  Royce E. Van Blaricome
United States

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