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Simple Flies
with Morgan Lyle

Morgan Lyle uses simple flies to catch trout in the mountains, stripers at the beach and any other fish he can reach with a cast. Sometimes the best fly is a simple one. Whether you're a beginner looking to get started with tying or an expert looking to get back to basics Morgan will explain all the techniques, tools and materials you need to tie simple flies.

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Great show. Definitely have Morgan back!

  silas gray
United States

I thought the show with Morgan Lyle was Excellent!!! This is the first time I've tuned into your show and will be a regular in the future.

  Frank Williams
New York
United States

Morgan was interesting, clear spoken and has the ability to "verbally paint a picture". I sat there listening and thinking that he could probably describe the fly and I'd be able to accurately tie it. I haven't seen his book yet, but I've always thought that Walt's Worm was really an Americanized version of Frank's killer bug. I've been fishing a version of Loren Williams suped-up Walt's Worm here on the Colorado Front Range, and have found that a size 14 jig of that pattern has worked on Clear Creek and the Big Thompson right below the dam - when all the reports were saying to go small. Thanks for a great show. Hope to be able to meet you at FRA some day.

  Jim Faber
United States

The show was awesome. It was great to hear from a veteran. You always seem to get bits and pieces of very important tricks of the trade that are useful in your own fishing environment.

  Richard Gilliam
United States

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