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Stalking Roosterfish on Baja's East Cape
with Mike Rieser

The Roosterfish is one of the most sought after trophies of the Mexican coast. It's beauty and elusivness make it a challenge you won't want to miss out on. Join Mike Rieser and find out what it takes to stalk and connect with one of this incredible fish.

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Did a good job covering most of the basics: - the fish: the biology prominent features behaviors best seasons - the environment: range beach or blue characteristics of beach and blue - tackle rods reels lines terminal tackle flys: style, size, color clothing accessories - access: boat or beach, special considerations - techniques: presentation retrieves hooking/fighting - local resources tackle shops guide services local transportation destination transportation Could have touched on: typical costs considerations for different seasons: early, mid, charbasco, late some health/hygiene considerations other species available at different times do it on your own alternatives crowds during different seasons some anecdotes some unique tips warnings or cautions what else to see or do in the region Overall, great job!

  Jim Hanley
United States

Mike Rieser was able to give my mind a picture of Rooster fishing with his words. I now have a good start for my next fly trip to that area. Thanks Mike , beach combing has a whole new meaning :))

  Bruce Browning
United States

I enjoyed the show. The only issue I have is that the guest speaker's voice is quieter than the hosts voice. This means I have to turn the volume up to hear the guest. However as I listen to your show (11am Sydney time) during work, the hosts voice is a bit loud for the office. Otherwise very enjoyable.

  Ian McAllister
New South Wales

GREAT show... "Ask About Fly Fishing" The greatest thing sense graphite!

  John French
United States

Although I will probably never go to Baja to fish I enjoyed your show very much. I love fly fishing!

  Mike Harrill
North Carolina
United States

The show was great. The only thing that would make it better is if were short enough to record and burn onto a CD. Then I could listen to it again later while I'm driving.

  Bruce Valley
United States

Great show - have this guy back for an 'advanced' Pez Gallo fishing class. Pity you didn't get around to asking him my question but time flies when your having fun.

  Jeremy Airey
United Kingdom

Really enjoyed that show about Roosterfish. Lots of guys are talking about them. It's another thing I'd love to do.

  Jon Wright
New Jersey
United States

I love to listen , I have learned new ways to do new flys and casting techniqes. I realley enjoy when I get to listen.

  Mike Chavez
United States

Great Show...I don't believe that I will ever make it out there to try it but it was still interesting to listen to during my weekly 6 hr. drive. You guys have a great program!

  Brian Dimond
South Carolina
United States

Great show very informative! I will be making my second trip to Cabo to chase roosterfish on the fly in August. It is very addicting and like nothing else i have ever done before. Tight Lines!

  Anthony Rao
United States

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