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Magdalena Bay: Baja's Hidden Secret
with Mike Rieser

Mike Rieser, a well know guide in Mexico, takes us on a tour of Magdelena Bay in Baja and its hundreds of miles of mangrove channels, pristine beaches and fabled Thetis Banks. Snook, corvina, spotted bass, cabrilla, golden trevally, grouper, pargo, bonefish, roosterfish, yellow tail, skip jack, dorado, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, billfish and more all await your cast. Join use to find out about the best way to take part in this exciting and remote fishery.

Show Reviews

Comment   Listener

Good outline description of the Bahia Magdalena region flyfishing potential. Clear and concise!

  Rob Mellors
Australian Capital Te

Great informative show!

  Joe Herndon
United States

Well that was very good and informative. For me, it had a lot of useful info and not a rehash of the obvious "do I have to cast into the wind" talk etc

United States

Very inspiring. Thanks for this one!

  Bernard Yin
United States

Really interesting show. As a trout fisherman, I've not done any salt water fishing, and usually tune out when the topic comes up. However, your guest was so passionate about his fishery and the region that I was completely drawn into the show. Great job!

  Lane Mortensen
United States

Very good show!

United States

Great show, glad you survived your fall and back in the game.

  Jerry Tomasso
United States

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