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Spring Creek Strategies
with Mike Heck

Mike Heck, a professional guide and master of spring creek fly fishing, shares the tactics and techniques he uses everyday to catch tough, selective trout in these waters.

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Mike did a great job of answering questions; enjoyed his comments on PA creeks, almost all I have fished.

  Kemper Eagle
United States

Good show, interesting topic. In reference to the reeling & healing organisation, I am associated with the Northern Lights chapter of Trout Unlimited and the Edmonton Trout Fishing Club, would you send me the link for the reelers & healers; so that I may forward it to these Edmonton organizations

  Greg Sterparn

Liked Mike's approach at simplifying patterns, i.e. his favorite wet fly in a spring creek is a shrimp pattern. But he doesn't ignore the many hatches on top and suggested using a dry & dropper instead of an indicator when nothing is happening on top. Sounds like he has experienced a lot growing up in PA and expresses it in a down to earth way. I really enjoyed the show!

  John Wewnzlick
United States

I enjoyed the content. I think the format of program is excellent. Taking the questions broaden the spectrum of information.

  Ronald Kelly
United States

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