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Stripping for Stripers
with Michael Mullaney

The East coast comes alive when the strippers come in - making the water boil with activity. Michael Mullaney, a professional guide in Cape Cod shares his secrets on catching one of the most popular sportfish on the Eastern seaboard.

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Although Your guest speaker was a knowledgable flyfisher he has a lot to learn about striper fishing. It seem his guide Bob Briggs who has spoken at one of my clubs meetings is a much more knowledgable stripper fisherman. P.S. you never ever use lights when you are striper fishing.

  Bob Teeden
Rhode Island
United States

I picked up some good tips that I will use here on the West Coast striper fishing scene. Enthusiastic guests, great topic.

  Mike Koslosky
United States

I have downloaded the sound file from your archives, and will listen to it the next chance I get. Overall, I think you guys have got a great thing going! I just discovered the website from a forum on fly fishing, and so far I've only listened to two shows and am loving it. Keep up the awesome work!

United States

The show was very informative; I enjoyed listening, and will be sure to use what I've learned from the show the next time I go fishin!

  Justin Nichols
United States

Michael, just a line thanking you for the information on Stripping for Stripers, all though we don't have Strippers unless they are known as something other strippers in fact I don't really know the full details of this fish, I found the information on knots, leaders and flies to be of a great help to my tying of my own leaders I found some of the flies you mentioned I had never seen nor been able to find in the books I have purchased ore seen on the internet. I hope you will be asked to speak on the show again soon.

  Ron Williams
New South Wales

Just completed a 3 week driving, flyfishing trip from Souther California all the way to the North Slope of Alaska. Most of this was driving as we did over 10K miles. Much of the drive time was filled listening to fishing podcasts. Loved your detailed podcasts as there was much technical information provided to digest. The podcasts were well done and very well prepared.

  Steve Mras
United States

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