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Fly Fishing the Bighorn River
with Michael Mastrangelo

Michael Mastrangelo is a professional guide on the Bighorn River in Montana, which is considered one of the finest rivers in the world for fly fishing. Listen it to hear Michael share his secrets about fly fishing this incredible fishery.

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Great show, especially how Mike pinpointed recent changes on the Bighorn due to weather.

  Kemper Eagle
United States

First of all thank you for asking my question I really appreciate it. I found your website while I was on, so what a lucky strike. I thought the show was excellent the web broadcast was flawless. I thought you did a great job interviewing Michael Mastrangelo and the information he provided about the Bighorn was very educational and I look forward to re-listening to it on your website, and I definitely plan on listening to future shows and checking out your archive.

  Frank Garcia
New Mexico
United States

Michael was very informative in his presentation, I really liked the way that he compared fishing on the Bighorn to fishing in other parts of the United States I found it very helpful. He told everything from a fishermans perspective to include cautionin you to use at least 100 yrds of backing, and informed you of the rewards of using a guide on your first trip to the Bighorn to get to know the fight of the fish as well as the area. Overall it was 1 of the best webcast that i have listened to so far.

  Joe Herndon
United States

I really enjoyed the show. I had the good fortune to stay and Michael's and enjoyed good fishing, food and friendship.

  bill heffner
United States

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