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Effective Stillwater Fly Fishing
with Michael Gorman

Michael Gorman, a professional guide of more than 30 years helps us make the most of every stillwater fishing outing - even those ego-bruising days when the fish seem to reject everything. Join us to learn Michaels strategies, techniques and secrets.

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This guy was great! He touched on all the key issues of lake fishing (good questions from the audience too.)

  Mary Lilly
United States

Very good podcast on Stillwater fishing. I don't recall if scuds are fished with beadheads. Most likely he covered that but my wife was most likely talking.

  Ted Merchant
United States

This was useful for me. Regardless of how long the webcast is, it seems like there is always more that can be discussed. This is not a criticism, as most things have to be time limited.

  Roger Campbell
United States

I have been fly fishing a long time but 85% of it is in rivers and streams. This was an eye opening broadcast and I have already started to use some of what I learned. Thank you keep up the great info. P.S. I love the archive of old broadcasts!

  Steve Babbitt
United States

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