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Wild Wipers on the Fly
with Matt Snider

Matt Snider says fly fishing for wipers is like hooking up with a strong saltwater fish only you're in freshwater. Learn Matt's techniques for finding and hooking up with this exciting fish.

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I thought the show was very infomative, especially for locating wipers. In Kansas there a lot of bodies of water with great populations of wipers. the key to catching them is usually in finding them, therefore the locating segment of the show has given me some tips that I am going to try to employ when I get out after wipers. Thanks as always.

  Rory Wiske
United States

Got some good tips for the next wiper season in Kansas. I enjoyed the comments from Matt and found a lot of the same practices in our part of the world. Clouser, clouser, clouser. I had been using a floating line with longer leaders to chase them at the surface during the season, but will try a sinking line to go deep next time. Thanks for the suggestions. !Great show as usual! Thanks

  Martin Kollman
United States

Matt mentioned that he did not know if all three (Stripers, Hybrids/Wipers, and Whitefish) all exist in any lake. We have just that in Lake Hartwell, Clemson, SC. They can be caught in much the same ways mentioned using Clousers but I also wear them out with a Cowen's Coyote on shoals and prominent points in the lake. You can really sneak up on them from a kayak rigged with a fishfinder/chartplotter (I sold my SeaPro Center Console bay boat and replaced it with an Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident and it serves me well.

  Brian Dimond
South Carolina
United States

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