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Carp on the Fly - Southern California Style
with Matt Austin

Matt Austin and Kory Van Tassel professional guides out of La Jolla, California take us on a search for carp in the lakes and streams of southern California. Join us to find out how to catch carp California style.

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I've been a big fan of your carp fishing shows. This show talked about dry fly fishing for carp which seems to be different from what most carp fishers are use to fishing. But dry fly carp is very exciting because of the accuracy that is required. your fly must land in an area the size of a tea cup. "The Great Lakes of NYC" is a blog which features urban fly fishing in the grater New York area.

  William Henry
New York
United States

I'm not a carp angler but I certainly look forward to your podcasts. They are educational and anglers should benefit from them even if they don't fly fish. Thank you for you contribution to fly fishing and please continue.

  Barry Demmers
New Jersey
United States

Carptastic! Excellent job Roger !

  Grant Dixon
British Columbia

I've listened to all of your shows about fly fishing for carp. I think this was the most informative of all your shows about carpin. I really enjoyed this show.

  Bill Henry
New York
United States

At last, something I can sink my teeth into ! Carp is one of my faces. This will surely help.They can be mighty finicky. Thanks loads.

  Douglas Ritz
New York
United States

Landon is awesome... always positive and informative

  Larry Ydens
United States

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