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Specialty Casts - Getting Your Fly to the Fish
with Mac Brown

Mac Brown, a Master Casting Instructor certified through the Federation of Fly Fishers, provides expert advice on how to use specialty casts to get your fly to those hard to reach fish.

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Show was great as usual. As a flyfisherman you can never learn enough about fly casting. The one thing I did not hear much about was how to deal with the wind in which comes up in every style of fly fishing.

  Daniel Gonsalves
United States

Another great show and thank you for the great content. I have been listening to all of the early episodes on iTunes.

  Brian Furderer
United States

Great show....lots and lots of valuable information. I appreciate the wide array of coverage of fishing techniques, strategies, and flies.

United States

Great, Landon is a very knowledgeable sight fisherman. You answered a question of mine so I did not want to be greedy and ask a more important one. I wanted to ask him does he dress when fishing to blend into the background? I seen a lot of magazines with a lot of anglers especially on the flats where clothing that would blend them into their background.

  Daniel Gonsalves
United States

I had some other things came up, which meant that I missed the first 40 minutes of the show. The part I did hear was informative and I picked up a few pieces of new information. I'll listen to the first part of the show on MP3 when it becomes available.

  Kurt Hoskovec
United States

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