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Fly Fishing the Surf
with Lee Baermann

Lee Baermann has been fly fishing the surf for over 40 years. Lee guides us on California's southern coast finding beach structure, surf species, productive flies and fishing techniques. Join us and find out how get the best out of the surf.

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Wow - I now understand why I haven't been catching fish on the surf. I'll be out there for a conference and will look up Lee Baermann. After this show, I feel like I know him!

  silas gray
United States

I listen to the show through the podcast but tonight I got to listen live and I always enjoy and learn a lot. Just getting back into fly fishing it is a great asset.

  Jason Stacy
United States

I thought it was a great show that would help people get started fly fishing the surf and Lee gave great information to help those become more successful. I'm kinda of new to it myself. Six years and loving it. The show was very informational.

  Richard Gilliam
United States

Great show. Thanks for the award. The fly fishing and tying journal will be much appreciated!!!!!!

  Jeffrey Thrash
United States

The Fly Fishing the Surf with Lee Baermann show was excellent. Lee was a wealth of information and came across as a great guy. I was sufficiently impressed that I went to his website and ordered a copy of his book. I will add the fly fishing in the surf along California Coast to fly fishing bucket list. Ideally, I will get Lee to guide me.

  Douglas McLean

I am originally from So. Calif. and my grandfather taught me how to surf fish with a 12 foot bamboo pole with large spinning reel and used bay muscle for bait with a couple of wraps of thread to hole the muscle on the hook. At 72 years old I now plan to go back to So CA to fly fish the surf with Lee's comments. I plan to purchase his book. It was an excellent podcast. Thanks

  Bruce Van Horn
United States

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