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Trout Tips
with Landon Mayer

Landon Mayer, a veteran instructor and professional guide, will help you analyze your past mistakes and learn how to adapt to a wide range of fishing conditions. He uses unorthodox solutions for common fly fishing problems but they are all designed to help you catch more fish. Join us and Landon will help you sharpen your skills.

Show Reviews

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Great show, can't believe I missed by a second. but I am getting the book on my kindle right now. Love Landon's emails and this was a great show overall. Lots of helpful information in a good range of topics

  Thomas Murphy
United States

Landon gave us good details on fishing. The questions picked were excellent, and covered subject thoroughly.

  Kemper Eagle
United States

I thought the program was very informational. Always like to know what works in different areas and situations.

  Bernie Blakley
United States

Louts of good questions and Landon was very informative

  Andy Burnett
United States

I've listened and been member for almost a year now. I love listening, and listened Thursday night. I thought Landon gave great insight and ideas. Loved the show. I feel like it greatly improves my knowledge and understanding of how to be a better fly fisherman. If I had a suggestion, remind the people speaking that they need to speak directly in to the mic. It's muffled frequently, but it's great otherwise.

  Bryce Ballif
United States

Interesting show, thank you for interviewing him.

  Walt Cole
United States

He is great

  Mark Johnston
United States

Great show as usual. Landon had many helpful techniques and suggestions that I will use on the water. Thanks Great Show.

  Bill Reynolds
United States

Fabulous, packed with great info

  Richard Roessler
United States

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