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Trout Hunting Colorado's Four Seasons
with Landon Mayer

Landon Mayer has fished Colorado his whole life and has guided across the state for many years. Listen in to find out when the best times to fish and how to fish the best places in Colorado.

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Another great show with Landon Mayer. His knowledge of all things fly fishing never ceases to amaze me.

  Brian Furderer
United States

Excellent show, never miss it.

  Eddie O'Neill
United Kingdom

Landon Mayer was an excellent guest. His insights on discussing the waters in Colorado were very thorough. I am sure he will be a welcome guest in the future--maybe more detail on one or two particular rivers.

  Denny Johnson
United States

Great show, very useful information...I'll listen to more. Keep up the great work. I regularly listen to the podcasts, because I travel and fish a lot, this was my first online show. thanks again!

  ed golden
United States

Excellent show - Landon did the best job I have heard of organizing his thoughts and narrative. Well Done Mr. Mayer

  Peter Guhl
United States

It was a very interesting and informative description of the fishing.Trout Hunting Colorado's Four Seasons. I was impressed by his comments on studying the water first and the insect life on the water before fishing, yes it was a very good program thank you,

  John Richmond
New Zealand

As always Landon is a great ambassador for our sport. I enjoyed his take on Colorado fishing. I've already ordered his new book. Thanks

  Michael Aldridge
United States

Great show, always a pleasure to listen to Landon. Due to scheduling, I cannot always listen live but enjoy it a few days later. Thanks for your broadcasts.

  Justin Hood
United States

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