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Tips and Tricks That Will Make You A Better Fly Fisher
with Kirk Deeter

Kirk Deeter answers those nagging questions you always wanted to know about fly fishing for trout including casting, presentation, bugs, reading water and more.

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One of the best shows yet. Good information. Covered trout fishing in many different situations.

  Ken Calhoun
United States

Terrific! Excellent comments --your guest is a very comfortable speaker and obviously a tremendously knowledgeable fly fisher. As a relative novice to this sport still and only a first time listener, I really got a lot of helpful ideas from tonight's expert, but I sense that the pros might have picked up a good tip or two also. And thanks for answering not one, but both of my questions! PS: I'm eager to get a copy of his book now to learn more from him.

  John Murphy
United States

Great Show!

  Mark Power
Nova Scotia

Your show is awesome! Learned more listening to your show than books and websites. Please get Matt or Rod Champion on from the South Holston River fly shop. The South Holston, is Bristol TN. Doesn't get alot of pub outside of the southeast; but the only river I have been on out west better would be the Madison. The Sulphur hatch is unreal and they have a great Mothers Day Caddis hatch. The night fishing is legendary. Rod and his son have been fishing that river all there lives. They know more about that river than anyone. You haven't done a show on Sulphurs, and the Holston has unquestionably the best Sulphur hatches in the southeast. Started fishing Sulphurs in May and still getting Sulphurs here in November. Thanks. The show is great.

  Brad Garner
North Carolina
United States

Loved the show. I've been following Kirk over at his blog Fly Talk for a little while now and really enjoy his insights into fly fishing. Great program!

  Eric Roorback
United States

All your shows are enlightening,but I found the one w/ Kirk Deeter to be very informative.There is always something to be learned.THANX!!

  Doug Ritz
New York
United States

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