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Fly Fishing for Trophy Trout in Georgia's Noontootla Creek
with Kent Klewein

Kent Klewein is well known in Georgia for being the top guide for putting clients on trophy rainbow and brown trout on Noontootla Creek and its tributaries. Learn how to hook up with these trophies southern style on this show.

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Really enjoyed Kent's interview. I fished Noontootla's public section this past Thursday and what he said in his interview was spot-on. I really prefer interviews that focus on techniques and building new skills instead of just local guides touting their business or location.

  Jedidiah Green
United States

Thank you loved the show, I move to the North Georgia area to fish for trout. I was not able to find out as much information in 2 years running around deferent rivers as you provided in 1 hour. I will be giving him a call later, also got his web site. Thanks so much.

  Jim Moore
United States

Thanks and keep up the great shows. I'm very interested in the shows about Northeast rivers/streams (Housatonic and Delaware shows where great).

  Dean Wormell
United States

Great show! Craig has phenomenal knowledge of the Yellowstone Park rivers and he is a pleasure to listen to. Roger–nice job with the questions and show.

  dan crothers
North Dakota
United States

It's always a pleasure to listen to Craig's advice when fishing Yellowstone country.Craig is a class act and I always enjoy his interviews and if you visit West Yellowstone you need to stop at Blue Ribbon Flies.Thanks Craig

  Manfred Zanger
New York
United States

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